New York Times despre Bucureşti

Din seria „faţa frumoasă (deci nevăzută) a Bucureştilor”, un articol primit de la S.

„About three years ago, Bucharest experienced a revolution that was entirely ignored by the international community. (…) So subtle was the transformation, in fact, that most Bucharestians probably didn’t quite realize what was going on. (…) It was just this kind of innovation I had come to this city of two million to discover. For about a year, I had been hearing of interesting developments — new museums, clever art projects, a film scene garnering international acclaim — and wanted to see how they meshed with Bucharest’s lingering old-world vibe and Communism-deformed mentality.
Give it five years, or maybe 10, people told me, and Bucharest will live up to its potential, and perhaps truly be “the new Berlin,” as the British newspaper The Guardian dubbed it in March. But I liked Bucharest now. (…) In five or 10 years, such discoveries would be commonplace, as unremarkable as a table and chairs set out under the stars — but for now they were new, and they were mine.”

Click aici pentru a citit tot articolul New York Times Frugal Traveler. Interesante snt şi comentariile.



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