The dream is over

The day after the defeat of the Swiss football team against Turkey (1:2), the Swiss newspapers write about the big disappointment, along with photos of crying supporters and players with their heads hanging. „The dream is over” titles 20 minuten, a major commuter newspaper in Switzerland and let’s their readers rate „Why Switzerland got knocked out of the tournament?” on

2120 rated „They played well, but had bad luck”.

1770 rated „No top goal getters in the team”.

1523 rated „The Swiss team has no quality players” and so did I vote.

1376 rated „Köbi Kuhn was the wrong coach”.

722 rated „The players overestimated their own capabilities”.

526 voted „The Stadiums were full of VIPs instead of fans.”

472voted „Wrong players in the squad of 23 players.”

432 voted „Because Alex Frei ruled out of Euro so early.”

330 voted „Too many players were in a poor form.”

274 voted „Because of the referees.”

222 voted „Wrong team formation in the games against the Czechs and the Turks.”

196 voted „Strong opponents in the group.”

183 voted „Wrong tactics in the games.”

129 voted „Negative circumstances (Alice Kuhn’s disease and Streller’s demission announcement before the Euro)”

115 voted „Lack of support by population.”

92 voted „Pressure on the home team was too high.”

34 voted „No fortune in the preparation (loss of N’Kufo, Von Bergen and Coltorti).”

Well, likely all of these factors were crucial. We will never know the answer for sure, do we?

2 gânduri despre “The dream is over

  1. dude, i think you had royal bad luck. hakan could have nailed a 2-0 twice, but failed – still, what can you say to him, he scored the opening goal after all…
    quality players… i think Inler (especially) and Senderos were „ueberragend”, and Derdiyok and Behrami were very good as well. i also liked Hakan Yakin, but he missed crucial chances. Interesting how the 3 turks in the team were among the best players… in the second half though, turkey was good, marginally better. still, i was hoping you can keep the draw, as it would have been the result to favor you most in my opinion. the whole household felt sorry, but that’s life, sometimes years (of work) condense into seconds (of good or bad luck).

    the hosts of this championship seem to be cursed by bad luck. austrians played fantastic in the first half, missed 3 chances alone with the goalkeeper (!!) and now it’s 1-0 for Poland…


  2. Berti Vogts once said: „There is no bad luck. You can force luck.” Yes, I agree with you, the best three turks were Inler, Derdiyok and Yakin. >:D



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