Ma-ia-hii Ma-ia-huu Ma-ia-haa Ma-ia-ha-ha

I’ve been to lots of football matches of FC Lozärn (Hey – Ho – Hopp Lozärn!) and I must say todays game Italia – Romania (1-1) was one of the most exciting. It’s a pity that Mutu missed the penalty, otherwise it could have been a perfect seara at the Letzigrund – au revoir la France and Ciao Italia! But let me tell you where it all started.

The evening began at home with a Zuchetti-Schoggi-Cake (prejitura cu zucchini(?) si ciocolata) homemade by my wife, which is a modifaction of the notorious Rübli-Cake (prejitura cu morcov).

On the way to the stadium we met this funny italian fan who held a poster up in the air which says „Voi Vampiri Noi Vampirlo” and with it he shouted on English with an italian accent „Before the game everybody friendly – after the game… I don’t know!”.

Voi Vampiri Noi Vampirlo

In the stadium we had our seats one sector to the right of the italian fan block who were barely superior in number at the time, but that changed quickly and when the romanian fan block was formed up, the battle of the fans could start: „Italia – Italia – Italia” vs. „Romania – Romania – Romania”.
Battle of the fans

Ma-ia-hii Ma-ia-huu Ma-ia-haa Ma-ia-ha-ha… it was blaring from the speakers of the stadion. Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei, Nu ma, nu ma ei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei. Chipul tau si dragostea din tei, Mi-amintesc de ochii tai… By that time, I knew this will be a wonderful evening.
Dragostea din tei

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