Ursus – the bear from Romania

On Swiss Radio DRS, 16 beers from 16 countries were chosen by three radio hosts and beer aficionados to compete for the 2008 European Championship. Placed into four groups of four, the the four winners of each group qualifie for the semi-finals.

In Group A, the Swiss Quöllfrisch (from Appenzell, that’s the Moldova of Switzerland) competes against turkish Efes, czechian Pils and portuguese Super Bock.Quöllfrisch was chosen as the winner by the testers in this group and enters the semi-finals rather easy.

The beers in Group B are Zipfer for Austria, Diebels for Germany, Karlovacko for Croatia and Zywiec for Poland. The polnish Zywiec emerged as the insider tip in this group and qualified for the semi-finals.

In Group C Ursus – the bear – from Romania competed against Bavaria Red from the Netherlands, Wel Scotch from France and bera Moretti from Italy. With its very nice spume consistency and good aroma Ursus was clearly the best in this group and entered the semi-finals.

In Group D spanish Cruzcampo, greek Mythos, swedish Crocodile and russian Baltica are running for the Beer European Championship. There is no favorite in this group and none could really convince the testers, but at the end the russian Baltica scarcely wins the group and completes the list of semi-finalists.

In the 1st semi-final Zywiec from Poland takes on Baltica from Russia. The match ended with a clear victory for Zywiec, that convinced the testers defnitely while Baltica never had a chance to win.

The 2nd semi-final is more balanced. The Swiss Quöllfrisch has a home bonus but lost in the end against the freshness of the Romanian Ursus. Nuu see poate!!!

Ursus takes on Zywiec in the final of the Beer European Championship. Zywiec is a length ahead as it was the insider tipp from the beginning. Thus Ursus finishes second place.

Hear the podcasts in swiss german..



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